8 Celebrities Who Became Popular in an Unbelievable Way

Nowadays, thanks to the Internet with its plenty of social networks, it has never been more easy to became a celebrity. There are many ways for that goal, and here we have 8 proven ones. These celebrities have become popular overnight and a question to be asked is whether they really wanted it or not.

1. Kim KardashianSlider_1_-_Kim_Kardashian

Today, Kim Kardashian is an omnipresent superstar, but let’s not forget how it all started.  Remember  rapper Ray J? He was her boyfriend back in 2003 and while intimate, they were filming their intercourse. This tape was suddenly all over the internet and everyone could watch it. This video is still somewhere on the net since we all know that everything which was once uploaded on the internet forever stays somewhere on the world wide web. Have you watched her reality show Keeping up With the Kardashians? That show would probably never existed if not for that initial tape.

DailyMail.com 2015 Holiday Party - ArrivalsMTV’s reality show 16 and Pregnant made Farrah Abraham famous just because she was pregnant while in high school. After becoming popular, MTV gave her another role and it was on its show Teen Mom. Despite having a child so early, she did manage to finish her high school and even enrolled in a higher education. Today, she is an entrepreneur and author. She presents herself as being TV personality, model, entrepreneur, and mother. In 2013, an amateur movie for adults was released which has made her even more popular among the male population.


Courtney Stodden and Doug Hutchinson arrive at the Star Hollywood Rocks presents Jason Derulo's Listening Party - Los Angeles

Courtney Stodden gained fame by marrying a 50-year-old actor Doug Hutchison when she was only 16 years old. In 2003 she had a breast surgery, turning her breasts from size C to size DD. In 2016 the couple was expecting their first child, but Courtney had a miscarriage. Stodden and Hutchison are always interesting guests of many TV shows and they are more than willing to publicly talk about their relationship.

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