Have You Developed Your Personal Style Yet?

Whether you have your own style or not, there are times when you just want to change everything in your life and all of your clothes. Has this ever happened to you? Maybe something significant has just happened in your life and now you are searching for a new style, to look different? We are here to help you decide about your new looks! Just follow these steps and by the end of this post, you will know which style best suits you.


First, you should pay attention to the NEW shape of your body!

Did you gain some weight recently or perhaps lost a significant amount of your belly fat? Yes, this is the real reason for you to change your clothes since the old one certainly doesn’t suit you anymore. So the first thing you need to check is whether your body shape has changed somehow. Upon defining this, you will be familiar with the strengths and the weaknesses of your new figure, so that you can choose your new clothes accordingly.

Second, check which colors you like right now!

Depending on your feelings, maybe your favorite colors have changed. Do you still like that green which reminds you of your ex-boyfriend, or perhaps you have lost a member of your family and you feel better while wearing black clothes? All of this is fine and it will have a significant mark on your new style.  And there is this thing called the color psychology which can reveal many things you didn’t know about yourself through your favorite colors. You should understand how certain colors make you feel!

Third, critically examine your current clothes

You should take all of your clothes out of the closet, put them on your bed, and honestly say what you feel about every single part of it. How do you feel by wearing some parts of your wardrobe? And throw away the things you have never worn and you don’t feel good in it.  Write those thoughts down if you can’t memorize everything.  You don’t have to throw your clothes as a rubbish, but donate it, give it away to poor people. You will feel double better after doing this.

Fourth, check if your personality has changed somehow

Write down your current feelings, then your personality features. What type of a person are you? Check styles of some famous people and see how you feel about it. Write all of this down so that you could save your thoughts for some further reference. Maybe you like the style of Ketty Perry or perhaps Celine Dion? Have you seen that new outfit of Adele?


Fifth,  Be sure that every part of your new clothes fits you perfectly

This is because people sometimes tend to buy things which are not their size and they regret it afterward. If you find a piece of clothing you like, but there is not your size offered, leave it! Sometimes the seller convinces us that the bigger or smaller number would be just the same, but it never is. Don’t fall for this marketing strategy ever again! Even if they offer you a lower price, get away from there! You will buy it, but it will just hang in your closet for many years because you cannot wear it and you have a guilty conscience to give it away since it was never worn. Have you already experienced this?

Sixth, buy all the necessary items!

You will have to be sure if you have got all the necessary items for your new style. Have you checked what items can go together and what not? Buy them accordingly and don’t forget the appropriate accessories! Your wardrobe is not complete without accessories.


  • After you have found your style, define it and give it a name!
  • Write down all of your thoughts while creating this new style of yours!
  •  Put pictures in your notebook of the items you liked but which couldn’t be matched with your current style. Who knows, maybe when you start again this process of style recreation, it will be very useful.

Not to be dressed distastefully, follow the counsel of this fashion model, who said:

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