Find Out 7 of the Most Unusual Hobbies of Celebrities

People adopt hobbies because they give stress relief, satisfaction, and joy. While there are so many hobbies out there to choose from, your choice of a hobby just depends on what you want to do, what you can do, and the sheer comfort it does to your soul whenever you do your thing. It’s very personal to you that sometimes it’s only you who could understand why you bother doing it in the first place. Celebrities are no different in the way they use their hobby to make them happy simply. From the most mundane to utterly outrageous choices, you’ll get to see what these unusual hobbies are, and just maybe, discover that one or two are the same as yours:


Fly Fishing

This hobby requires a lot of patience and perseverance — something very basic when it comes to fishing. It may just be the hobby for people who are laid-back and patiently waits for what they want. What’s interesting is that the “fisherman” gets to travel to different places where fly fishing thrives. Actor Liam Neeson loves to do this.


Not quite a cheap hobby, and you need to have a lot of space in your house to store the stuff. Their not just heavy, but easily collect dust. Maybe the collector gets a kick out of seeing how the typewriter had evolved or just the sound when you hit the keys. Weird as it may seem, actor Tom Hanks thinks otherwise. He loves vintage typewriters so much that he came out with the Hanx Writer app for iPhone and iPad that allows the use of typewriter fonts.


This is one hobby that should come with a lot of education and an excellent score in anger management. You may imagine the medieval era when men used daggers not just as weapons but also as tools. Well, modern-day man is not cut out for that anymore. But you can still admire the beauty of the designs, shapes, and gleaming metal, especially if they’re housed and displayed pretty safely. Angelina Jolie acquired the unusual hobby from her mother, and she looks forward to the day when her son Maddox would also develop the love for it.


Tom Cruise

The hobby is a test of discipline, alertness, and agility. Perhaps the person underneath the fencing gear also feels a significant amount of self-assurance and pride as each step is gracefully taken and the foil, epee or saber is aimed at the opponent.  This Olympic sport is being enjoyed by David Beckham and Will Smith, thanks to their friend Tom Cruise who introduced them into the hobby.


What is it about this sport that is best enjoyed by watching than doing it yourself? First, not all those who can swim can do synchronized swimming.  And second, you have to have lungs made of steel while having the grace of a gymnast to do the maneuvers. It is both skill and art. Kate Moss developed a passion for the sport that she even went to Thailand to undergo training — not to compete but just to enjoy more fully her hobby.


Before you think this bizarre, know that this hobby is only meant to mount and display (dead) insects to show off their different forms and artistic beauty.  At least, that’s what collectors think. Forget that the insects may give you the creeps or have you cringe at the thought of them crawling on your skin.  Just think of them as patterns of designs — an inspiration if you wish, for your painting or wall décor. Model Claudia Schiffer is thinking just that when acquired the hobby.


Beauty Products

How do you feel about concocting your own beauty products like lotion, moisturizers, and toothpaste, to name a few? It’s not that you don’t want to spend to buy the most expensive products in the market, but maybe you just enjoy using and making your own formula because you know what’s best for you. You trust what’s organic and devote time to preparing your creations. And of course, the whole process gives you that satisfaction. Shailene Woodley is doing just that.

No matter how weird it is, a hobby makes you feel good and gives that feeling of satisfaction that only you can explain. 

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