Is Getting a Tattoo Still Cool? 5 Main Reasons Why People Get One

The origins of tattoo came from 18th century Polynesia when the term was derived from the word tatau, which means “to write.” Writing would come in the form of painting certain parts of the body. But body painting then and now is not just a form of art. It’s about making a statement. The famed James Cook was responsible for bringing “tattoo”  to Europe after returning from his exploration of New Zealand and Tahiti. In a tattoo, ink inserted  into the skin to change its coloring and form a certain design. Even up to the 21st century, the art is still very much alive and prevalent in almost any corner of the world.

But for the pain and sting that come with getting a tattoo, what could be the driving reasons why people get one? Once you know them, you can better understand why.


You consider getting tattooed because you want to express your identity and make a statement of what you are or what you’re going through in your life. This reason is usually the top one on the list. But before you even think of visiting the artist who will do it, make sure that you’re more than a hundred percent decided that you want to get a tattoo and that it will make you feel really good about yourself.


You see the guy or girl that you admire sporting one, or you see your well-loved celebs flaunting their body art. The problem is that the world will never run out of copycats and conformists who derive satisfaction from thinking that they are one of them (them being the cool and famous ones) and look almost like them. Well, maybe you can resort to henna or temporary inks so that a week of shower will remove it eventually. But getting something permanent is likely to last longer than the style that you’re trying to keep up with.


Is it being a hopeless romantic or blinded by love? If you want to show your significant other that he or she means that much to you, then go ahead and express your love this way. The caveat though is that  you need to be sure that you’re in for the long haul and that the person IS the one.  Otherwise, you would be enduring a painful removal procedure and a scar to remind you of your mistake.


Only if you’re so self-conscious that you would think of getting a tattoo as an excuse to hide the flaw. Or just maybe, you’ve found a convenient alibi to get one. But yes, this can be a valid enough excuse to get that part painted and look cool in the process. What’s even more important is that you go about your ways feeling better about yourself.


You might be surprised, but there are people who have their bodies tattooed to promote a product and get a hefty amount of money in return.  Sounds bizarre? More likely yes, because instead of using the tattoo to express your individuality, you endorse something that you don’t completely care about, except for the money. In this instance, the original purpose of tattoos is totally forgotten and used carelessly.


You may have your unique reason for getting a tattoo, but remember that it must be so compelling that you accept its lasting presence and allow it to give you only feel-good vibes up to the very end.


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