Tell Us Which Position You Sleep In, and We’ll Tell You Who You Are!

Sleep is more than necessary for man to function on a productive and effective basis daily. Work performance, task focus and state of consciousness may well be affiliated to sleep, thus a very good one will bear healthy well-being. Who wouldn’t want a refreshing sleep to wake up from in the morning? Everybody does but having a good night’s sleep has something to do with various factors such as environment, body clock and of course, sleeping positions.

People vary on their preferred positions they are comfortable with when it comes to sleeping. Well, who would have thought it actually has health impacts on man’s different parts of the body. Different temperaments and type of personality actually contribute to what sleeping position one prefers but whatever it is, it does matter, and to one’s health anyway. Finding out what effects do common types of sleeping positions are for you, good or not, might just be the key

Finding out what effects do common types of sleeping positions are for you, good or not, might just be the key to saving you apples to keep doctors away and finally have a soulful sleep.

The Freefall

freefallFreefallers are those who lie on their stomach, hands on or under pillows and head turned to the side. This position makes up an estimated 7% population who are said to be associated with extroverts who are outgoing yet are the ones truly sensitive around criticism. Lying face down helps digestion and could discourage snoring and bad dreams are unlikely. Though a good sleeping position, it may cause back and neck pain.

The Soldier

Lying flat on the back seems to be common but actually, it comprises to only 8% of the population. Soldier sleepers are said to be quite, reserved and somewhat strict. These people lie with their hands close to the side; they are quite prone to snore, difficulty in breathing and likely to experience bad dreams. Though this position is good for the head, neck and back being a neutral position for spine alignment, it doesn’t guarantee a restful and an overall good sleep.

The Starfish

Another variation of The Soldier, The Starfish still gets you to lie on your back but only with arms near the head and pillow. They comprise of only 5% the population and considered to be good listeners, helpful and trustworthy and utterly dislike being the crowd’s spotlight. Effects are just like that of The Soldier, not a preferable position to advice when a refreshing sleep is desired.

The Log

logWell, just like what the name suggests, it is a sleeping position where one lies stiff enough on a side with arms down close to the body. Log sleepers are social people who are easy-going and carefree but tend to be more trusting than he ever needs to. Up to an estimated 15% of the total population prefers this sleeping position.

Sleeping on your side this way is good for the spine as it is straightened out and lessens the possibility of back pain, even better that it doesn’t conform to snoring as your airways are totally unobstructed. The Log is advisable for people who suffer from a condition of ‘Sleep Apnea’ or periods of breathing difficulty and avoiding acid reflux.

The Yearner

Another variation of The Log where one is lying on his side but this time with hands out front. Learners compose 13% of the population who display a personality of open-mindedness but cynical and suspicious at the same time. They are said to be good decision-makers who take the time to weigh things before deciding and almost never change a mind or even regret. Health impact of this sleeping position is the same as that of The Log.

The Fetus

Again another modified sleeping position of The Log, they are the ones who curl up on either left or right side which comprises the largest population estimated as much as 41%. They mostly show a tough facade but are actually quite sensitive, shy and warm up quickly to people.

The Fetus is twice as common to women in its overall percentage but it is said to be a natural position people turn to when they are emotionally unstable, unconsciously. There’s a drive to curl up on the side when sleeping in times where one is troubled as to mimic the position of a fetus still in the womb protected by the warmth of the mother. Incidentally,

The Fetus is actually good for pregnant women as it boosts circulation well to the fetus within her especially when lying on the left side so as to prevent pressing too much of the uterus against the liver. This is also a good position to ease snoring. The only thing to remind you off regarding The Fetus is too much curling up with knees closer as it may cause back pain and hip strain.

Lastly, there are those rare ones that make up the population of tossing and turning most of the time in their sleep. They have pretty much gone through all the sleeping positions at uniformly distributed time for each. We could call them the undecided ones or the little-bit-of-everything type. No matter the situation, sleep is still a step higher than apples to secure healthy life.


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