Julia Roberts Barefoot On Cannes Red Carpet

Many women have felt the urge to take off a pair of high heels during an event when the shoes start making themselves known, but Julia Roberts found a way around the pain…skip them altogether. Julia hit the red carpet at the Cannes Film Festival this week totally free of shoes under her long black gown.

In an interview with Sunrise on Channel 7 in Australia, Roberts explained that although she was barefoot, she still felt she was dressed appropriately. “A lot was happening from my ankles up,” she said. “Let’s not forget all that. A lot of time and effort went into ankles up. I just want to say for the record. I looked all right.”

Just last year there was a bit of controversy after some women were supposedly not allowed to walk the carpet after showing up in flats, but later the festival said that was a mistake on the part of the guards and that there wasn’t a mandatory high heel rule. It’s unclear if that meant that no shoes at all was deemed appropriate, but if there’s anyone who could pull it off it was Julia.


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