5 Unhealthy Eating Habits You Should Drop to Lose Weight

Do you find yourself in a situation while even though you’re eating healthy foods, your weight still wouldn’t budge? No matter how much you exercise on the treadmill every day, the scale remains the same? It’s a frustrating feeling, isn’t it? Here you are, exhausting yourself mentally and physically to lose weight, but for some reason, your body won’t cooperate. You’re at a loss at what to do anymore.

Before you decided to call it quits and give up in losing weight, think again! The problem might not lie on the foods and exercise regimen you implemented, but it persists because of your eating habits? You’re actually committing these unhealthy eating habits that hinder your weight loss without you losing it! Scary, isn’t it?

But before our eating habits get the better of us, let us start debunking them with this guide!

1. Eating Diet Foods

Food manufacturers are sneaky enough to lead us to believe that eating “diet foods” like sodas, flakes, chips, etc can actually help us lose weight. But what it actually does to our body is the total opposite! These diet foods promote weight gain! Sure, they have eliminated the “fat” in these foods. But did you ever wonder what ingredients they replaced?


That’s right! They replaced fat with sugar. And we all know that too much sugar is destructive for our body. Aside from that, these diet foods usually contain a lot of artificial flavors, sweeteners, additives that impose health risks. So if we were you, break this eating habit and we recommend switching to natural, healthy, fresh, and homemade foods.

2. Overeating healthy foods

We’ve all assumed that since the food we’re eating is healthy, we now have an excuse to eat to our heart’s content. That’s where you’re wrong! Just because it’s healthy, doesn’t mean you can eat more than what your body can take. Remember, too much is always fatal to our health. Overeating can actually ruin our metabolism. What we need to do, instead, is to practice food portion and moderation. Eating in moderation can promote an ease of digestion. And when you have a healthy tummy, your body can digest these nutrients properly!

3. Counting Calories

Calories in + Calories out = Weight loss. Does the formula sound familiar to you? Yes! We’re led to believe that in order to weight loss, we need to move more and eat less. But turns out that was not the case. Our body is more complex than that. So, why are you doing some math? Instead of stressing yourself computing your food intake for the day, concentrate on making the conscious effort to make healthy and right choices when it comes to food, exercising, and relaxing. A well-balanced diet without depriving yourself of pleasure is the ultimate formula to lose weight.

4. Shunning Good Fats.

For many years, we have avoided anything that associates with the word “fat” in fear to get fat. We believed that if we eat fat, we’ll get fatter and fatter. What we don’t know is that there are actually two types of fat. The bad and good fat. We only need to avoid the bad fats (that are usually stored in processed foods), but the good ones? We need to eat them!
woman with fruits rejecting junk food

As you can see, the good, healthy fats help us in losing weight. It also helps reduce inflammation and keep us feel fuller for a longer time. Try eating healthy fats like avocado, almonds, salmon, to promote weight loss.

5. Drinking

Who doesn’t love to drink a hot coffee with a latte in the morning? Or drink an intoxicating wine to spice up our night-out gig during weekends? Everyone loves drinking. It became our buddy as we get to spend the special occasions and milestones in life. But certainly not if you’re trying to lose weight. Coffee and alcoholic drinks are major metabolism killers. Not only that, but they heighten up your stress levels and destroy your liver too. And we don’t want that! Instead, opt to drink healthier options like smoothies, water, and other healthy fluids to flush the toxins out your body.

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