Top 10 Wealthiest American Presidents Ever

Presidents of the Unites States are seen as luminous figures and usually associated with vast amounts of wealth. In fact, history has proven that American presidents have had quite large fortunes though they have not always been wealthy from birth nor even accumulated their money before or while serving in office. Quite often it appears that their fortunes did not always last. Take a look at the briefs on the 10 richest US leaders.

#10 Franklin Delano Roosevelt – Net Worth: $60 Million

1-franklin-roosevelt-horz-728x4051This happy president enjoyed a massive amount of wealth which he attained through inheritance as well as via marriage. Along with his famed 800-acre Springwood estate, FDR owned properties in Georgia, Maine, and New York. Spending most of his life in public service, Franklin had served as assistant secretary of the Navy before becoming president. Funny note: his mom had to bail him out of financial problems in 1919.

#9 Herbert Clark Hoover – Net Worth: $75 Million

Orphaned when he was a young boy, Hoover was raised by his uncle who was a doctor, but would go on to make good money as a mining company executive. Aside from a handsome salary for 17 years, Hoover also attained extensive holdings in various mining companies, and his residence, “Hoover House” in Monterey, California, was well known. When serving as president, Hoover donated his salary to charity.

#8 William Jefferson Clinton – Net Worth: $80 Million


It wasn’t until after he served his terms as president that Bill Clinton started to build his fortune. Paid $15 million as an advance for his book, My Life, Clinton also earned $750,000 for a speaking engagement in Hong Kong for Ericsson. As of 2013, the former president is said to have made over $100 million since leaving office, and wife Hilary has also been quite fortunate with her book advances and speaking fees as well.

#7 Lyndon Baines Johnson – Net Worth: $98 Million

Johnson spent his life building up his fortune after his own father lost all of their family’s money when he was young. Johnson succeeded in amassing sizable wealth as well as becoming the 36th President of the United States. He and his wife owned a radio and TV station in Austin, Texas, livestock, private aircraft, and 1,500 acres in Blanco County, Texas complete with his home dubbed the Texas White House.

#6 James Madison – Net Worth: $101 Million

Madison owned 5,000 acres in Orange County, Virginia, making him the largest landowner there. His famous Montpelier estate was on this property. Madison’s wealth grew while he was Secretary of State and president, though sadly all of his fortune was lost at the end of his life due to his plantation business having slowly fallen into ruin.

#5 Andrew Jackson – Net Worth: $119 Million

Jackson was considered a president who related well to the average middle-class American, and yet he would become one of the richest ever to sit in the White House in the 1800s. Having married into wealth and earned money in the military, “Old Hickory” owned 1,050 acres of property, including his home, The Hermitage, and even had 300 slaves. Ironically, later on Jackson would end up hugely in debt.

#4 Theodore Roosevelt – Net Worth: $125 Million


Though born and raised in a very wealthy family and later living off of a nice trust fund, Roosevelt ended up losing most of his money in a failed ranching business in the Dakotas. Working then as an author, Roosevelt entered public service where he spent most of his years. The famed Sagamore Hill estate, where Roosevelt called home on 235 acres, is now some of Long Island’s priciest real estate.

#3 Thomas Jefferson – Net Worth: $212 Million

Talk about acreage! Jefferson inherited 3,000 acres and several dozen slaves from his father. Again, though accumulating an impressive amount of money as a politician before actually being president, Jefferson would go on to suffer from a debt overload at the end of his life. His residence on the 5,000-acre plantation in Virginia, Monticello, was at the forefront of architecture at the time.

#2 George Washington – Net Worth: $525 Million

George Washington was practically a king with 8,000 acres of farms and over 300 slaves working on them. Much of his property was in fact due to the inheritance of his wife Martha, but Washington himself is known to have made quite a salary as president, a full 2% of the 1789 US budget in fact! This is far more than presidents would make going forward.

#1 John Fitzgerald Kennedy – Net Worth: $1 Billion


John F. Kennedy was born and raised in a wealthy family as his father had amassed a fortune in business and was the 1st chairman of the Securities and Exchange Commission. When he married Jacqueline, John was taking an oil heiress as his bride. Though the family’s fortune was shared via a trust, JFK was assassinated before he could even inherit his father’s millions.

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