Rules To Live By For That Timeless Sense of Style

You Don’t Have To Be a Fashionista To Look Good

Timeless beauty is simply priceless. We look at the latest trends, the fashion in season, and sometimes, we just can’t get enough of the many choices out there of what to wear and what to use. But you don’t have to be slave of fashion to come out looking great. All you need to do is to remember some specific rules that would always make you a winner in any era that you live in. Fashion is fleeting, but a sense of style never goes away. Your style defines your personality, and no amount money nor stature can do anything to change that. Well, at times you may need to spend a little to grab that pair of classic shoes or dress, but generally, you just have to embrace these basic mantras to get that winning character.


Dare to be different

Dare to be different

Don’t be afraid to stand out. Just because all of the pretty girls out there are sporting skin-tight skirts paired with some nice boots doesn’t mean you have to follow suit. Ask yourself in front of a full-length mirror if the look suits you. What looks great on one may not look fabulous on you. So don’t try too hard to copy the fad. Go for the classic stuff that is never outdated. Let’s say you’re attending a glitzy affair where every woman is expected to be in designer gown and bling-blings. Now is your chance to make an entrance by donning a garment that is not flashy, but plays on the color and material. Surely you will not be like everyone else.


Less is more

Less is more

Don’t overdo it or take so much effort in the way you dress. Being a minimalist is always so classy and speaks only of understated elegance. The same rule applies when it comes to makeup – great makeup artists agree that in making up one’s face, you highlight the pluses and downplay the flaws. And you can’t do this if you put on a lot of clown-like rouge that appears unnatural and heavy. People will tend to see more of the real you, your true beauty, if you don’t hide behind a mask.


Fashion is purely physical, but style is all about attitude

Style is attitude

Your style is a statement of who you are. Not even the prettiest of faces or sexiest of bodies can do justice to her appearance if she sends off a negative aura. Inner beauty should always radiate and manifest itself by way of how you carry yourself. Confidence is key, and if you mix this with a positive outlook, people will be unwittingly drawn to your charm and personality. Needless to say, what you project speaks volumes about your sense of style.


Be comfortable with your flaws


We all have imperfections, and these make us uniquely beautiful. A pair of dimples on the cheeks are flaws, but they actually serve to enhance the smile of the person. Having a gap teeth may actually add a boyish or girlish charm on the person, so don’t touch it. And how about a prominent mole on the face? The list goes on, but you should stop paying attention to these areas because they define who you are. Do not try too hard to be perfect because nobody is.


It’s always better to be overdressed

3 women in smart clothes for Debenhams

If you’re going to party at the last minute, you might be the type to panic on what to wear and worry that you would be out-of-place. The only rule is to be on the safe side of being overdressed. We said that you should dare to be different, but be this person in a sensational way. You are confident and sure of yourself, and what better way to show this than to dress in the most elegant way possible.


You can (almost) never go wrong with black

Never Go wrong with black

You should always have your blacks ready when you need them. Not everyone can pull off a colorful ensemble or perhaps a printed one, but black is the safest color there is. It makes you look thinner, elegant, and “safe.” Its counterpart white is also a good choice, but some people cannot carry it well and long enough .


Aspire to be what you want to be

Be what you want to be

The way you dress and move reflects your personality, even so when you start talking with all your gestures. All these things affect the way you see life and live your life. Therefore, always have the courage and the zest to pursue your dreams and become the person that you want to be. Don’t ever stop discovering and improving yourself as the possibilities are always endless.


You can never be out of style if you practice thinking less about fashion, and more about creating and standing by your own sense of style. Enjoy and embrace it!


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