See Which Celebrities Don’t Drive and Don’t Want to Own a Car

There Are Celebrities Who, With All Their Fame and Money, Refuse To Own a Car. Find Out Why

You would think easily that famous and rich people are owners of expensive cars that they drive around to escape the paparazzi. Think again. While this applies to most celebrities, there is a handful of them who believe that owning a car is not a big deal, that they’d rather take public transport or have someone drive for them. Crazy? We don’t think so. Practical? Yes, if you have your reasons for wanting to spend your money elsewhere. Let’s take a look at these interesting people who, up to now, opted not to drive and just sit back and relax.

Barbra Streisand

One of the best-known and high-selling music artists of all time, Streisand started a successful singing career in the 1960s, and carried this on for decades. Her being a mezzo-soprano allows her to sing at such a distinct and wide range that she never fails to wow her audience with her unique vocal dynamics. With her long-running music career, she has sung from memory a thousand tunes, but can’t recall when she last owned a car, let alone drove one.

Quincy Jones


“Q” is another American music industry personality who is famous for his host of talents in record-producing, composing, arrangement, and in playing just about any musical instrument. The multi-awarded Jones made waves starting in the 1950s as a conductor and jazz arranger, then moved to the area of popular music and film scores. Who would’ve thought that he would figure in a car accident when he was a teenager, that left him emotionally scarred for good? He was so affected by the experience that he didn’t want to buy a car, much less drive one.

Ricky Gervais


The Office star and English comedian first dabbled in the field of music before going into acting. Well, it seems that he made the right choice because he’s been doing so well that he has so far won seven BAFTA Awards, five British Comedy Awards, three Golden Globe Awards, and two Emmy Awards. Britain named him as the 3rd most influential person in British culture in 2004 and named one of the greatest stand-up comics in 2007 and 2010. The funny man remains serious in his decision to not buy nor drive a car, simply because he doesn’t want to.

Barbra Walters

The legendary broadcast journalist, anchor, and producer has hosted the well-known television talk and news shows such as Today, The View, 20/20, and the ABC Evening News. Her career dates back in the 1960s, when she became known as a TV personality for NBC’s The Today Show – serving as a writer and segment producer. For all her wit and excellent interviewing ability, Walters never once considered learning how to drive and prefers chauffeur-driven limousines to take her to wherever she wants to go. She believes that this arrangement is just right when you live in New York City.

Albert Einstein


His reputation preceded him, for who would not know the famous theoretical physicist who developed the general theory of relativity? His work has had a great influence on the philosophy of science, best known for the world’s most famous equation E = mc2. The genius spent almost all of his life studying and formulating his theories, but he never once learned how to drive. Einstein opted to use the bicycle to get him around – a skill that he was believed to have mastered very well.

Vincent Kartheiser

SANTA MONICA, CA - JANUARY 17: Actor Vincent Kartheiser attends The 21st Annual Critics' Choice Awards at Barker Hangar on January 17, 2016 in Santa Monica, California. (Photo by C Flanigan/Getty Images)

He played Pete Campbell in Mad Men and Connor in the series Angel. His initial acting experience was on stage, before debuting in 1993 in the film Untamed Heart. He continues to act on other films and television shows, while still doing theater projects from time to time. The actor has always admitted his preference to lead a simple, un-Hollywood-like way of life. A part of living a frugal life means not owning a car and instead, taking walks or commutes where he can relax, read, and study his lines.


Tina Fey


The American actress-comedian who also happens to be a writer and producer is known for her work on Saturday Night Live and for creating the acclaimed 30 Rock. Other successful projects followed, including Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, Mean Girls, and Date Night, to name just a few. Her deadpan humor and “sardonic wit” are trademarks of her style of acting. Fey admitted that she has altogether forgotten how to drive, and so she doesn’t own a car. She had a bad experience of almost running herself over while rushing to an appointment.

Dan Savage

Dan Savage for Intiman by LaRae Lobdell |

The American media pundit and journalist writes the internationally syndicated relationship advice column called Savage Love. Being openly gay, he is an activist for the LGBT community, and has set up the It Gets Better Project to help prevent suicides among LGBT youth. Savage confessed that he doesn’t own a car himself, let alone drive. He relies on his partner Terry Miller to drive for him.

Carey Mulligan


The English actress received recognition for her role as Jenny Mellor in the 2009 film An Education, where she won the BAFTA Award for Best Actress and gathered nominations from various award-giving bodies as well. She’s currently an ambassador for the Alzheimer’s Society and War Child. Mulligan has always had no plan of driving her own car, but that momentarily changed when she had to learn how to drive for her roles in Never Let Me Go and Drive. She must be thankful that these were just make-believe, for in reality, she still chose not to drive.

Lena Dunham


She’s the woman behind the HBO series Girls, for which she received a lot of Emmy award and Golden Globe nominations. Her work in the series led to her being the first woman to win the Directors Guild of America Award for Outstanding Directing. The actress, writer, producer, and director was in Time’s 100 list of most influential people in the world in 2004 – proof of how she’s excelling in her craft. Dunham admits that she’s always been scared of getting behind the wheel because she might run over a child.

Amy Winehouse

The late singer-songwriter was popular for her deep expressive contralto vocals and various mix of genres. The five-time Grammy awardee made a successful debut album entitled Frank in 2003, followed by her Back to Black album that led to her awards. In an interview she did before, she admitted that because she didn’t know how to drive, she didn’t get her own car.

David Sedaris


The American author, humorist, and radio talent was widely recognized for his SantaLand Diaries – an essay that was broadcast over the National Public Radio. Most of his work is self-deprecating and autobiographical, and often talks about his family life, upbringing, heritage, education, and even drug use and obsessive behaviors. Sedaris is known for having a rather calm demeanor – a trait that he wants to preserve by opting not to drive his own car.

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