See What Are The World’s Most Expensive Pets

Owning A Pet Sometimes Costs A Lot Of Money

It is indeed a great responsibility to own a pet. Like a family member, your pet needs the tender love and care that any human being deserves. But owning a pet literally comes with a price. While most of us would be content adopting a dog or buying a goldfish, there are people who are willing to spend a lot of money to buy, not just an ordinary animal, but one with a wealth of history behind its lineage or heritage. You might find it impractical or ridiculous even to pay that much for a pet, but certainly not for those who have the passion for certain creations that they find it hard to resist owning such possessions. Are they crazy? Probably not. Perhaps they just love the companionship and traits of these living things. Find out the most outrageously expensive pets out there. You may want to get one of them for yourself.

Sir Lancelot Encore –  $ 16,000,000


Pet owners Edgar and Nina Otto were heartbroken when their pet Lancelot died. The beloved Labrador-retriever left a lasting mark on his owners that they decided to clone him and spent $ 155,000 to do it. Sir Lancelot Encore breed was born, much to the delight of the Ottos and those who want to own such dogs. The couple made history by making possible the first ever pet cloning that gained such widespread media attention. No wonder this breed costs tons of money!

The Green Monkey – $ 16,000,000

The multi-million American Thoroughbred racehorse initially ran an eighth of a mile in merely 9.8 seconds – a very fast speed indeed. The horse is a descendant of Northern Dancer and Secretariat, and was sold for a staggering auction price of $ 16M. And that was ten years ago. According to reports, The Green Monkey’s stud fee costs $ 5,000. It’s not hard to imagine how much more this animal would cost years from now. 

Missy – $ 1,200,000

She is a Holstein cow from Canada that became the most expensive cow in the world back dating back in 2009. The award-winning cow was the Grand Champion of the 2009 Western Fall National Show and two years later, was named Supreme Grand Champion Of All Breeds at the World Dairy Expo in Wisconsin. Missy’s genetic material will be used to help improve the breeding of the Holstein breed.  She has four daughters that she gave birth to from 2008 until 2011.

Tibetan Mastiff – $ 582,000


The world’s largest dog originated from the nomadic cultures of China, Mongolia, India, Nepal, and Tibet and has been used by the Himachal Pradesh tribes to protect sheep from predators. The guardian of flocks looks more like a lion than a dog for its thick furry coat that covers a huge muscular build.  The Tibetan Mastiff is said to have a life expectancy of 10-14 years and experience fewer genetic health problems compared to other breeds.

White Lion Cub – $ 140,000


White lions are believed to be indigenous to the Timbavati region of South Africa, and are considered as divine by locals. Their white color is due to a recessive gene from a less-severe mutation that causes albinism, and different from the gene of white tigers. White lions can be selectively bred for zoos and other wildlife attractions.

Arabian Horse – $ 100,000

It is one of the oldest and most easily recognizable horse breeds in the world, with its distinct head shape and high tail carriage. The breed has been part of history dating back 4,500 years, being present in wars and trade. The Arabian lineage is found in almost every modern breed of riding horse today.

Chimpanzee – $ 60,000

The chimp, along with the gorilla, is the only exclusively African species of great ape that are currently extant. Chimps live north of the Congo River, and are among the largest-brained and most intelligent primates. They are rather aggressive and male-dominated, and like the other ape species, are mostly sociable. Their life expectancy can last for more than 30 years in both the wild and captivity.

 Lavender Albino Ball Python – $ 40,000


The snake’s look is due to a color mutation that is recessive. Its pair of red eyes and yellow markings makes it one of the most beautiful snakes in the world. The Lavender Albino Python is rather calm and pliant compared to the other snake species, and that is why it serves as a unique and decorative pet.

Palm Cockatoo – $ 16,000

It is also known as the great black cockatoo or goliath cockatoo. The smoky-grey bird hails from New Guinea, Aru Islands and Cape York Peninsula. It has a distinct large black beak and red patches on the cheeks that change color whenever the bird gets excited. What makes it an interesting pet aside from its appearance is its having a large and varied vocal repertoire that sounds almost human-like. A Palm Cockatoo in captivity can survive for more than 50 years.

Hyacinth Macaw – $ 14,000


It is a parrot that can be found in central and eastern South America.  It’s considered as the largest macaw and the biggest flying parrot species. Hyacinth Macaws’ feathers electric blue in color with a dash of yellow, and a large curved beak. They are very even-tempered and calmer than other macaws, hence the label “gentle giants.” However, proper care should be given these birds because they can become phobic and problematic.

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