NOT a Unicorn: How to be Single and Happy

Some people always think that being SINGLE is being lonely. Well not exactly, there are girls who actually enjoy being single rather than being in a relationship. But there are some who actually can’t stay single because they just couldn’t handle it and they feel all alone. It really does depend on a woman. But this article is not just for the women who wants to know how to be happy when they’re single, this is also for the girls who wants to know the perks of being single and available .

#1 Appreciate YOURSELF

This is probably the best way to do when you are single. Focus on yourself and enjoy your own company. You have to understand that you don’t necessarily have to be with other people just to be happy. Discover yourself and you will notice how great of a person you are and you will find out yourself worth which is something girls lack.

13087800-746x516Some girls love too much that they actually forget that they have to appreciate themselves and that’s the world doesn’t revolve around their partner. Being single also means that you have more time to do the things you have always wanted to do. You don’t have to worry about what your partner would actually think or whatever. It is your life and you should enjoy it in any way you can. Don’t let other people make you think that you need to be in a relationship to be happy, prove them that by appreciating yourself more and having more time to do the things that you love makes you happy and that you don’t need someone else.

You also need to focus on the positive things and stay away from negativity because it will only make you feel lonely and sad. Look around you and see how beautiful this world is and make the most of it

#2 Focus on your Career and Goals

One of the things that are so great about being single is being focused on your career and goals. To be successful in what you do, you either be supported by your partner or get held back. Some women tend to sacrifice their careers and goals because their partner doesn’t feel comfortable with them doing it or doesn’t really care or some other stuff that they just don tell like their woman succeeding more than them. Men have egos that they don’t really go for the type of women who is strong, independent and successful. They often find it intimidating on their part. But there are some men who push their partners to achieve their goal. But unfortunately, not every girl can have a supportive man.

Having more time for yourself can actually help you think about how you want your life to go. Where you want it to and what are you going to do to get there. It may not be easy since nothing really is easy but if you stay motivated and remind yourself that it will all be worth it and you are doing all of this for yourself then you’ll manage.

#3 Spending Time with your Loved Ones

Nothing beats being around the people who will forever love you and support you no matter what you go through. You make mistakes, they’re always there to forgive and let you learn from them. This can be your inspiration in life that you wouldn’t need to have a partner to be happy. Also if you are single, you can spend more time with them. They literally are your support network.

You can travel with them including your friends, you can do your favorite things growing up. They will always make you feel that you are loved and that you deserve to be happy. Everyone in this world does but there just some who doesn’t let themselves to be happy that is why they’re not. Simple things can make someone happy if they choose to.

#4 Defy Expectations

If your friends are getting engaged or having a baby and they’re pressuring you to find someone as well, don’t let it get to you. As long as you are having fun and completely happy with your life being single, don’t push yourself to find someone. It will happen so just wait for the perfect time because if you rush it, it might not end up well and you might get hurt in the end or you might hurt someone and it is not really fair for both parties.

manonipadcreditshutterstockcomSome people may think that you are lonely and sad but let the most know that being happy doesn’t involve a partner. You can make yourself Happy if you let yourself.

#5 Get Yourself Ready for What Life can Bring

Life is full of surprises, so be ready for what it’s about to bring. If you are enjoying your single life and then suddenly a certain someone pops out of nowhere and you might think it’s the person ho will make you happy the rest of your life then don’t get scared. You may be happy being single and that is totally fine but don’t shut people out. Let yourself explore and try if you are ready. If you think there could be something special then try. Just go slowly and don’t rush into things because life is meant to be lived so why rush it.

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